Tuesday, March 16

We have met the enemy and he is us part 2

Once we find a group to vilify we must resist all attempts to include said group into our society. They can not be allowed to soften or change our hearts. Hmmpf so there. I'm not the only one who realizes this, it's old news as Columnist Neil Steinberg points out:

In the 1960s, as federal courts ordered racial integration, communities in Mississippi and other Southern states closed their municipal swimming pools, filling them with dirt rather than allow black children to share the water with white children.

You have to marvel at the determination of that kind of prejudice -- so strong that you would deny your own children the pleasure of a swimming pool during hot summers in the Deep South rather than risk the intermingling that so horrifies you.

Hold onto your out dated prejudices as long as possible, even if it's hateful and self destructive. I mean, we can't allow them to be a part of us. Right?

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