Tuesday, February 5

Your Yearbook May be Used Against You in the Future

     I am appalled by the current PC fashion to dig up something stupid someone did decades ago and use it vilify and oust them from office. We all did something stupid, insensitive, possibly illgeal or downright embarrassing in our past. I'm not buying into this "off with their heads" mentally. Instead of bowing to unforgiving Political Correctness, point out said offense was dumb and in the past. Promise to make honest amends and let's move on.
   The mock outrage is not really about what they did long ago, it's just an excuse to get rid of someone purely for political reasons.
    Trent Lott was in Congress for decades when all of a sudden it was revealed that he had supported Sturm Thurmond, who had been in Congress forever, was a known racist. Gasp, yawn, no surprise. Lott was not a nice guy but for very different reasons.What really happend was he pissed off the real powers so they got rid of him with some handy ammunition.
   The media knows and plays along with this bullshit because it's good for ratings and riling up people. A glance behind the curtain exposes the subtefuge. 
   Remember the Gulf War and George Bush Sr. claims of Iraqis terrorizing Kuwait? Babies being ripped from incubators and all that hyperbole? It   sounded like a PR campaign. When "the war" was over and we were done cheering the troops "60 Minutes" did a story about -- guess what? How Bush hired a PR firm to sell the war to the public. Right, the media knew it all along but why ruin good ratings with the truth. The Pentagon even shamelessly admitted they led the press around by the nose and it was greeted with a collective shrug.
   The current president and media have replaced democracy and governing this country with a reality show like "The Apprentice" where we are merely contestants. People get "fired" for ratings and distraction, not for some real public threat.
   Issues like climate change, widespread corruption and rising nationalism can be easily drowned out with gossipy scandal and endless prattling by talking heads.
   I say it's time to cancel this show because the viral delusion it spreads is the real threat to humanity.

Wednesday, January 16

Shop Talk part 2 teaser

From the sequel to "Shop Talk" I have been trying to write the last couple of months.

      "Oh by the way this came for you," Kleven handed me an elaborate red envelope before skipping back to the front office.
      "Looks like a letter from the Jova," George guessed correctly as he peered over. I opened it and read the contents with growing confusion.
     "What, they can't be serious?" I said incredulous.
     "What?" George asked and Everyone looked at me for an explanation to my outburst.
      "Uh, I may be wrong but this sounds like the Jova want me to join their expedition to Earth, as a translator," I said with disbelief. . . . .
     "Sounds like a easy enough gig. Spend a couple of weeks translating, drink some wine, lay in the sun, why not," Temple suggested. When she put it that way, I reconsidered the proposal. George and Temple watched carefully as I folded my arms and regarded the beautifully designed document as if it were a poisonous snake.
       I remember Madam Shakova saying I would make a good liason and laughing it off. This was seriously over my head and I had zero experience -or skill-at diplomacy. I can barely manage AIL and haven't been to Earth in years. What was she thinking?
       "I'll have to think about it," I decided and put the letter away.

Wednesday, January 2

What a Way to Start the New Year Louis CK

     I'm going to say something that will be unpopular to the hive mentality. Louis CK just did a show in New York where he joked about evrything from the Parkland shootings, comparing New York to Auschwitz, to his lawsuit for sexual harrassment. I would agree Louis is a funny man and obviously doesn't give a fuck, I'm also one to vilify PC but -holy shit.
      He admitted he was a very bad boy and paid for it, but the causual acceptance of his anger fueled routine by his (mostly male) darling fans on Reddit leaves me speechless.
     Instead of self examination and introspection, once again, we have the sinner claiming to be the one wronged. Penance is viewed as a weakness of character, better to be defiant.
     This is just proves that the MeToo movement is viewed as a well meaning but politically and culturally weak attempt to change the status quo. Women, you're still fucked, in more ways than one. Remember, the difference between men and women about rejection? Men are afraid women will laugh at them, women are afraid men will kill them.
     You know what? Fuck you too Louis CK.

LouisCK MeToo Movement.

Sunday, December 23

My date with Autism

I did this monologue a few months ago on Autism that worked out pretty well. I hope to to expand for a TED talk should that ever happen.

Tuesday, November 27

My Advice About Autism

           Being an adult with autism is survivable yet endlessly frustrating. Getting neuro typicals trained to the point where we don't have to bend over backwards to act normal enough to please them is a daily problem.
            No one would ever say to someone in a wheelchair to just try harder, now get up and walk. Yet I've heard similar well meaning but useless advice most of my life concerning my invisible disability.
            This is for someone with autism, if you know someone close to you who has autism or someone wishing to know more about the condition.
             If you are autistic, you will have to educate those around your limitations, fears and perception in order to be accepted. You will have to guard against saying, doing and reacting the wrong way constantly. You will have to learn to make small talk, introduce yourself into a conversation correctly. Go with being formal rather than chummy when dealing with new or casual acquaintances. I advise reading etiquette books to decode the rules to social interactions. Remember that not everyone shares a laser like focus in -fill in the blanks. Set a mental timer to stop speaking and give others a chance to reciprocate in conversation. Don't be afraid to ask for assistance when you're not sure.
            For the neuro typical, social skills are a given. Understanding body language, verbal tones and subtext is often lost on us. Please don't give us contradictory or vague "just do what you think is right" directions, we aren't always capable of figuring out what to do on our own. Please don't scold us like children when we have a messy, explosive meltdown. We know we're out of control but can't help it. Simply assure us it will be alright and ask "what can I do to help?" This will help us settle down. Understand, that handling day to day adult responsibilities can be a monumental task when we have to carry around a mental instruction manual on how to behave.
            We are doing the best we can, if we say "I can't do that," believe us, it's not just lack of confidence. What may be obvious and simple to you, may not be to the literal minded autistic.
            If you suspect someone you know may be autistic, research the criteria and politely present them to the person. If they aren't on the spectrum, at least both will get an education on what to look for. If they prove to have ASD, they will be grateful and relieved to know why they don't fit in. You will save them a lot of grief. I wish someone, anyone had said something to me earlier. It would have made my life easier.           
            Autistic people are not stupid, scatter brained or emotionally cold. Many are quite smart, aware and feel deeply. What we lack in tactful social skills, we make up for in other areas. Cultivate and encourage those skills, let us see how those skills can be valuable. We crave acceptance for who we are more than anything. Expressing empathy can be a mystery to us but we do care deeply. Neuro typicals and autistics need to find a way to communicate that.
            When you see an autistic sitting by themselves, don't assume they prefer to be alone. More than anything we want company but can't always express that need. You may have to drag us into an activity but we will appreciate the effort.