Monday, July 30

Olympic Inequality

I love the Olympics but I despise the coverage by NBC. I can't seem to find another decent source. I think it's great that women compete but the media isn't interested in the less glamourous sports. You know, the ones where women aren't in skimpy outfits. Beach volleyball, which isn't a real sport if you ask me- they wear tiny bikinis. The men? How about baggy shorts and a tank top. Hey, I want to get my beefcake too, they got to wear speedos.

There's nothing like the Olympics to remind us how misogynistic men can still act. They don't know how to handle a woman who looks like this. Or this. Only at the Olympics are sixteen year old girls considered women, in gymnastics. (It's the whole mass, muscle ratio thing that requires teenage girls.) They're darling and they are, but I would not want to be on the wrong side of a fight with one of them. So stop referring to them as cute and posting their weight.

It's time we treat the female athletes with the same respect the men get.

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