Tuesday, June 25

No News on the News

There are four local channels in Eugene but like so many other towns the stations are owned by corporations far away. Recently Fisher Communications  bought a second station and promptly fired over 30 people in a swift act of downsizing. The fall out has been pretty intense but not surprisingly it’s been virtually ignored by the now enalrged media presence. Funny how they like to poke their nose in other people’s business but like the town gossip, reveals little of it’s own warts for public consumption.

News, like everything else these days, is just another commercial venture out to profit to the max. It’s genertic, bland and almost totally lacking in real substance. Soft stories about local poltics crafted not to offend the current powers, a few mug shots of petty criminals to install a sense of fear and another inane story about a cute pet. With this aquistion locals can look forward to identical stories on two news broadcast. It leaves me so annoyed and frustrated I only tune in for the weather report. No wonder I cruise the net in search of more substantial news.

It reminds me of the old Soviet era joke. The newspaper was Pravda which means truth and the news show was Vremya which means news. So there was no thruth in the “news” and no news in the “truth”. 

Ironic isn’t it.

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