Tuesday, June 11

The USA is Now the USSR.

Edward Snowden has revealed that our  Democratic government is spying  on it’s own citizens and this  is how the very people being spied on react. This is exactly how our government can do this because we don’t care as long as we can play around with our smart phones, twitter and face book- all of whom are in cahoots with the government. We are doomed.

What I find especially disturbing is how the media, instead of expressing appalling  outrage, spend time nit picking over details. Well they’re not really spying on everyone and they aren't doing anything legal so what's the problem. They shouldn’t be doing any of this at all. The endless war on terror does not justify it. If our government can’t spot rank amateurs like the Boston Marathon dip shits with basic detective skills what makes us think they can can stop real terrorists.

Maybe they don’t want to. Amazing how people see conspiracy in the Sandy Hook shooting where children were massacred but let’s see a show of hands of those who think the Marathon bombing was used to justify a larger police state? 

The power being abused by the NSA and our government is frightening. We’ve seen it before in the Soviet Union, Communist China, North Korea. George Orwell predicted it in the forties for God sake. Somewhere along the line the powers that be decided to emulate the Soviet Union  and abandon real democracy. With this revelation we have learned that American citizens are being given a false sense of freedom.

(NSA photo credit  George frey/EPA/LANDOV)

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