Tuesday, May 19

The House of the Broken Spirit

The tea house continues to be the project from hell. Here it is six weeks until the formal dedication ( June 21) but it doesn't look like it will be finished in time due to lack of funds and the lack of energy on my part. After a tough weekend of trying to get ahead, all I have to show for it is minor progress and multiple bruises on my hands. I look like I got in a fight, which I did sort of and the building won.

I suppose one could ascribe some cosmic lesson to all the struggle I've been having with this dream project as a reflection on my life. Why do I go on despite the exhaustion, aggravation and for what? I try to avoid such thoughts because it causes me to foam at the mouth. I am really tired of this thing fighting me the whole time.

We all face challenges in our life that prove to be difficult and feel like giving up but go on nevertherless. Like Lucy tempting Charlie Brown to kick the football only to deny him the chance at the last second with the inevitable result. A theme I never thought amusing but a mean spirited act in an otherwise delightful comic strip.

Now I understand all to well what Charles Schultz was saying and I don't like it one bit but like Charlie Brown I still keep trying to kick that goddamn football without success.

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