Friday, July 12

The Mind is a Quantum Event

I have read many books on my favorite subject -Quantum physics and I'm always surprised and delighted when someone proposes what I suspected all along:

"IMAGINE that someone asks you how to distinguish consciousness from unconsciousness – a difficult task indeed. If consciousness has a physical basis, can the same be said about unconsciousness?

You might have expected psychologists to have tackled this question, but perhaps not physicists. After all, physics is concerned with the study of matter and radiation. But you would be wrong. Wolfgang Pauli, winner of the 1945 Nobel prize in physics for his work on quantum mechanics, did just that. He proposed that the interaction between consciousness and unconsciousness is analogous to one of the central ideas in quantum physics, called complementarity – that it is impossible to distinguish between the behaviour of an atomic object and its interaction with the instrument observing it."

You can read the rest of the fascinating article here. But I can sum it up simply enough: duh of course consciousness is a quantum phenomenon, class dismissed.

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