Thursday, December 3

Earth to Alisa, come in Alisa

I thought once I was done with NaNoWriMo things would get back to normal fairly quick. Not so. I have been out of sorts all week. All semblance of order or coherent thinking have gone down a drain and no new thoughts to replace them. It takes me more time than usual to remember why I wandered from one room to the next or get my shit together when leaving the house.

I find myself bumping into everything like how to spell say, couch or where I put that spoon I just had in my hands. I had no idea this writing would take so much out of me, even typing out the first draft is draining. It's never happened before during previous creative frenzys but then this one was pretty intense.

Hopefully I can get the brain back on line and have better entries. Pray for this poor writer's mind.

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