Tuesday, November 9

How to Predict the Future

I’ve written on this subject before-strictly tongue in cheek but seriously, I find the concept fascinating. Predicting the future hinges on theories from quantum physics to spiritual divination. To answer the question of how the future can be predicted we have to answer the question -what is time? Well nobody knows least of all me.

One theory is that time is not linear i.e., the past, present and future exist simultaneously but we experience it with our limited senses as linear. It is not fixed but has an elastic quality to it.
How time proceeds is dependent on perception and expectation as anyone visiting the dentist or being at a wedding can tell you. Seeing into the future requires getting outside of that linear thinking. It’s the difference between driving down the hiway in a car or being in a helicopter above it. Another method of prophecy is based on where the past and present are and extrapolating from there.

Arthur C. Clarke, dull writer that he was, made some amazing predictions in the 60’s about computers and modern communications that were spot on. (get youtube link here). He and Jules Verne made accurate predictions because their scientific education allowed them to make good estimates of things to come. Some people see the future by accident. E.M. Forester wrote a short fantasy story in 1909 that is an eerily accurate view of modern communication. link here.

There are those who derived their predictions in mystical ways that tend to be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Despite what some critics might say about Nostradmaus and Edgar Caycee,http://www.edgarcayce.org/ they actual have a pretty good track record and should not be dismissed.

Most people try to guess about the future based on biased expectations rather than objective data. The economy will improve, we’ll find cheaper, cleaner forms of energy, I’ll win the lottery and so on. What prophets like Caycee and Nostradamus have in common is that they had no expectations about what they saw during their meditations, they just recorded the information and hoped for the best.

Using a combination of deduction and intuition I have some of my own ideas about the future to wit:
The economy will not show significant improvement for another 5 to 10 years before leveling out.

Medical care will get cheaper and rely more on natural treatment. Doctors will treat patients with techniques stemming from the mind -body connection -which until recently they have ignored.

The next president will NOT be woman. By 2025 the inauguration will be moved to another time, place or the presidency will undergo a dramatic change.

A disaster will cut global population drastically between 2030 and 2050. There will be fewer people, cars and pollution. The environment will be considerably changed for the better as a result.

The best thing Afghanistan can do is promote it’s agriculture. It will be the fruit and bread basket of central Asia.

Within 10 years there will be revelation proving the existence of extra terrestrial life. Surprise!

Get back to me in 10 years and we'll see how well I did.

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