Saturday, April 23

How I saved the Country in Three Simple Steps

This country has a lot of problems. They are too numerous to list and overwhelm us with their complexity. How can we make a difference? Where do we start? If I were President and could only change three things here’s what I would do:

One -Make voting compulsory. You want a democracy, then everyone votes. Make campaigns publicly funded and only six weeks long.

Two - simplify taxes. 10% flat tax for everyone under $ 500,000, above that 15% and Corporations pay %20. Only deductible is for charities. You do business in this country- you pay taxes, no exceptions.

Three- Streamline the military. I believe in an efficient and strong military. What we have is a bloated, inefficient and poorly managed one. Black operations for instance, have too large a budget with no visible (for obvious reasons) results. No more padding the price of hammers, coffee machines and toilets to cover them. They get x amount period. If JPL engineers can ingeniously build, send and control a rover to Mars that far exceeds expectations on a limited budget- so can the US Military. Necessity is the mother of invention. Any one of these ideas would radically change our world. People think complex problems demand complex solutions. Maybe not.

For example, I have been doing aikido for many years and during class the teacher will occasionally ask two students to demonstrate some maneuvers. I watch these demos while mentally noting lots of corrections to improve the performance. When the students finish the teacher might suggest they do it again only this time relax more. They will do so and an exordinary thing happens; the laundry list of corrections I noted, disappear. By changing one thing they changed everything. I have always been astonished at this and believe it is the secret to creating real change.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.” -Margret Mead

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