Tuesday, July 3

Rant of the Day

It's official, there are people in Congress who have no manners what so ever.  When we are not bombarded by the nannerings of tasteless politicians, we are subject to the rants on twitter, facebook and youtube. Someone videos a bus monitor beings verbal harrassed by children young enough to be her grandchildren and it goes viral. It was another youngster who posted that video- What were they thinking? How did the parents react?

We have lost all sense of privacy, decency and politeness. We have forgotten how to consider other people's feelings. We don't know how to apologize anymore.No one takes responsibility for their words or actions because well, it's the victims fault not ours.

 I don't know where these Neanderthals were raised but I was taught not to swear in public
( guilty of this however), be respectful of elders and not to intrude on other peoples space with loud talking, behavior or actions.

Perhaps it's time to bring back a class on manners from elementary school up to College graduation. Good God people let's be civil.

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