Tuesday, February 24

it ain't a home until it's got walls

The latest addition to the tea house are the walls and ceiling.The ceiling is made of wood paneling with a beautiful mahogany grain. Installing it requires two people, one to hold the wood up in place and the other to swear and grunt while screwing it in place. Fortunately I know some tall people. Dennis was recruited to be the brute strength of the month. He fulfilled the job very well. The ceiling is only six and half feet clearance but that's not my problem. You tall mutants will have to watch your head.

The walls I did myself, awkward to wrestle four by eight foot sheets of plywood even by a short chick like me but manageable.I even cut the holes for the window out with a skill saw not an easy trick. It requires a certain measure of courage to set a fast moving spinning blade into wood in the middle instead of at the edge. Don't try this at home kids, it should only be done by professionals.

I got the light for the alcove wired in and a shoji style windows in place so it's beginning to look habitable. I've even spent some meditation time there.

If only my life could show the same kind of progress but that needs a lot more work.

Stay tuned kids.

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