Thursday, April 2

Would you like barbed wire with that?

I went to my favorite bakery ”Sweet Life” to indulge a little. Which I did literally.

“I’d like a petite four.” The one I pointed to behind the glass display was in the shape of a cute little bunny and as I watched the staff reach for it I wondered. . .

“Could you like put it in a mouse trap maybe with it’s head crushed for effect?” I asked. Well you can imagine their reaction.

“You have sick sense of humor.” the tall woman behind the counter said pleasantly.

“Why thank you.” that’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me .

I do have an evil thought once a day to keep myself human. It got me to thinking about a whole line of twisted pastry. A stake made of candy through a donut oozing cherry filling or a croissant cut with a miniature Guillotine. Gosh the possibilities are endless.

Let’s face it, pastry is way too cute and this certainly would help curb people’s appetite for sweets. What a motive to diet.

Now what can be done to make coffee weird?

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