Sunday, August 23

Those Homos are Everywhere.

Amid all the talk about same -sex marriage ( yeah that’s still going on) and how all those gays are shoving their disgusting lifestyles down our throat and threaten the children, something occurred to me. How many people are we talking about bringing ruination to our society? Less than ten percent- that’s right, less than ten percent of a population of 300 million.Wow, how is it that such a small group has a paralyzing and fearsome grip on the masses? Because some very frightened and ignorant people would have you think they do. 

The rise in homophobia has more to do with visibility than numbers. There seems to be more gays because they are noticed more as a result of media coverage. In reality there are no more gays now then forty years ago when the Stonewall riot occurred. We just didn’t talk about them then.

Bigoted whites were afraid of the blacks threatening society during the civil rights movement because there seemed to be so many of them. Gasp. No, blacks were simply noticed more because of their demand for equality. Even with black mayors, governors, supreme court judges, and a president -blacks are still a minority despite what a frightened majority may think.

Conservative gay Andrew Sullivan writes on his blog  “What  social conservatives have to grapple with is that openly gay people are not going away... They want to create a shadow class of people operating somehow in a cultural and social limbo. That strategy may have worked as long as gay people cooperated- by staying in the closet, keeping their heads down, playing the euphemism  game. But the cooperation is over.” Substitute the word black for gay and one can see this is old formula played by the dominant culture.

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