Tuesday, January 6

A Better idea

The three big auto companies have come to Washington asking for a hand out. How nice. Only in America can you run a company into the ground with bad business practices then beg the government to give you money you lost on your lousy products. Sign me up for that.

The Ford Motor Company that invented the assemble line, making cars affordable turned into a company that made the pinto knowing it was a dud with a potentially fatal gas tank design. The profits outweighed the cost of a human life a memo insisted.

GMC made an efficient electric car years ago then turned around and killed it at considerable expense. The CEO thinks they are a dumb idea but now because of the rising price of gas must produce them again.

Chrysler isn’t even an American company anymore -it’s owned by a consortium of European investors when even Daimler couldn’t save it.

Here’s an idea. Let’s give every employee of the big three making less than say $100,000 a full years salary and let the companies fail. Then have the government offer a prize and healthy tax incentive to any new company that can design and build an affordable, fuel efficient car. Innovation is what American engineers and business have always been good at in the past, let’s bring that back.

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