Friday, September 18

Igorance is Bliss

The schools are failing, our kids are being taught nonsense, religion should be back into the classroom and our President is trying to indoctrinate kids. What do these critics come off thinking education is a bad thing? Educators are rightly disturbed by such hysteria. Superintendent George Russell writes:

“. . .the discussion about American education has wandered adrift. Education is easily faulted as the cause of too many problems in the United States. It’s a blame game that alienates citizens from their schools — and educators from the public they serve. It encourages people who have never taught or led a school to think they know how to “fix” them. And it sets the stage for the sort of invective we witnessed as the 2009 school year began. It has long since outlived its usefulness. Indeed, it’s becoming destructive.”

How were Pot Pot and the Khmer Rouge able to turn Cambodia into the killing fields? By eliminating all the intellectuals, doctors, lawyers, journalists.The country was reduced to a population of serfs. How is Afghanistan going to rid themselves of religious fanatics? By building schools where boys and girls get educated. When the Taliban shows up to object, they are run out of the village.

When people who see learning as a threat to the status quo, who see it as corrupting, who feel threatened by knowledge- it’s time to act. It’s time to protect education from those who would desire a return to the dark ages.

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