Saturday, September 19

When Bicycles Dream

The sky was littered with voluminous clouds dazzling in the late afternoon light as I soared among them; wings tilting one way then the other. I reveled in the tightly coiled power of supersonic speed, steel skin slipping through the air effortlessly. I looked at the klunky earth below, laughing at the freedom from it’s heavy surface. Ah such release from it’s - Suddenly I lost control and was yanked sideways.

“Oh come on, you stupid bike.” a familiar voice jarred me from my reverie. Now awake I found myself being pushed to the back yard while my blond owner grumbled. I was back to the reality of being an ordinary bike. Back to the drudgery of a glorified mule whose sole purpose was to carry lard butt around town. Back to being chained to parking meters and stop signs lest I be stolen by roaming thieves who would strip me of my vital parts in record time, or leave me crippled with only one wheel. I shivered as I glanced up at the cloud filled sky and remembered.

Why couldn’t I be a F-14 fighter jet instead of an old 12 speed bicycle ? Oh well, one can dream.

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