Friday, September 25

Oh grow up people!

I was thinking one morning while sipping tea, cause that’s what I do, sip tea and think deep thoughts. Anyway, I was thinking about how adults react when they discover teenagers are having sex and even gasp- having babies. They act like this is abnormal, immoral and proof of the evil influence of pop culture and so on, but it isn’t. What’s abnormal is the exaggerated shock that young adults are behaving exactly as nature intended. We are designed to procreate at an age when our bodies are in full hormonal bloom. If they are not emotionally ready to care for a child they rely on the guidance of the tribe, clan or family. It does take a village to raise a child.

I think the reaction comes from a misguided and romantic desire to extend childhood as long as possible. Since we live longer, then childhood should be longer goes the logic. Adolescence as a distinct age is a post WWII concept. In the old days you were a child until you were old enough to handle a tool and put to work, or when you married-young- and had a baby. End of childhood.

We need to treat teenagers like the young adults they are and help them to maturity. In the process maybe the adults will grow up too.

I was just thinking.

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