Sunday, November 22

Everything I need to know as a writer I learned in aikido

This writing project has taken some interesting turns. Ok I can deal with that. I've learned to roll with it, always be proactive and stay calm. We are taught that in aikido all the time. Who would ever think martial arts would prepare me for life as a writer.

I have learned more about novel writing with this project than I have ever learned from any book or class. Telling is easier and faster than showing, I really need to increase my vocabulary, I can only use "she said calmly" so many times and it's not very descriptive. It's ok to change your mind about the character/action/ sequence of events- it can always be changed later thanks to the magic of word processing. Always stock up on pens and paper ( I write first drafts long hand).

When I started writing on November 1 I was worried I wouldn't be able to finish in time now I worry I won't have enough material to make it to 50,000 words. I'm normally a wordy person but that's a lot of words. I intend to get to the finish line come hell or high water or if the pens hold out.

Stay tuned.

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