Saturday, January 9

The Hokey-Pokey Can Solve All Our Problems

George Mitchell recalled the Northern Ireland peace process being difficult because the two sides were so combative. They refused to talk to each other. He found a way to get them to talk on a common subject they were both interested in: Soccer, and so was able to break down barriers.

Something like that needs to be done with other stubborn, defensive conflicts like the Israelis and Palestinians. Instead of having them sit at a table give them dancing lessons. Seriously, as they come into the room inform them that their are going to learn to dance the hokey-pokey. Move the table and chairs aside, have them take off their shoes and coats, get comfortable and learn how to put their right foot in and their right foot out and turn it all around. Nothing gets people to cooperate than a common goal -or competition.

In times of real crisis people will drop their differences for a universal good and what could be more universal than dance. In the gnostic gospels Jesus says : “He who does not dance, does not understand the mystery”. It’s time to understand the mystery and you know what?- Maybe the hokey-pokey is what it’s all about.

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