Tuesday, May 18

How the Police Get it Wrong

So I keep coming across stories of the police behaving badly and when it involves a drug bust they really screw up. There has been a lot of discussion about the militarization of the police force getting people and dogs killed and generally making themselves look like incompetent overzealous goons instead of friendly, helpful law enforcement officers protecting the public. Frankly I'm more nervous about the exuberance of a SWAT team coming to my house- by mistake- then the potheads they are allegedly protecting me from.

Instead of launching themselves into a house like it was a war zone with battering rams, flash bombs and gun blazing has it ever occurred to these guys to simply walk up to the house and calmly knock on the door? That way everyone stays calmer, there's less chance of innocents being killed in the crossfire and the guilty would still be off guard by the quiet approach. I was reading somewhere that a special forces group used this tactic to great effect. Admittedly it lacks the adrenaline rush these guys get into but I'll take disappointed cops over dead dogs and children any day.

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