Sunday, January 2

Don't wait for a divine bitch slapping

"Anything you're good at contributes to your happiness." -Bertrand Russell

Normally I would dismiss such a remark with a cynical "yeah, yeah whatever" given my utter lack of inspiration these days. BUT, this idea appeared to me twice in one week. First during a heated discussion with a friend who insisted my artsy fartsy stuff actually had merit -though I disagree- then I read it in Brezsny's real astrology . Crap.

When you hear something pithy once, well it's nice, twice is a head's up and three times is a divine smack down- I'm not waiting for that. I jumped out of the way of that train when I was inspired to "do something creative every day for a month" like blogger/writer/actor Will Wheton  (curse you, overachieving bearded boy).

Theodore Roosevelt- who had his dark moods, once said "Black care rarely sits behind a rider whose pace is fast enough."  A lot of this is about out racing my own dark demon or die of boredom.

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