Friday, March 11

The Soapbox Rebellion

I spend a lot of time reading the news. I find all the ranting, xenophobic yammering and political intrigues overwhelming, I suspect we all do. Like everyone else I make quick, knee jerk judgments on these matters. So far, I have refrained from jumping into the national conversation because I figured my opinions were worthless and I had nothing of substance to add. I mean, who am I to think I can offer something interesting or meaningful. I’m just a washed up, unemployed graphic artist and writer of no repute suffering from depression, who spends her time uselessly looking around for a purpose in life.

I’m also smart and autistic which means I am smart enough to read pass the shallow hyperbole and see what’s going on below the surface but not adroit at subtly or tact (a common problem with autistics). It means that after the quick judgments I engage in endless solitary debate about them. It means I can listen to opposing rhetoric and see their point of view as well.

So after careful consideration, I have decided that I do have something to offer, that my opinion is just as good- if not better (she says immodestly) than anyone else’s. I have important things to say. I have enough reason to enter the debate on abortion, gay rights, social behavior, politics and climate change. I may rant but it’s because I care. It’s time to be heard.

It’s time we stop paying attention to inanities like Charlie Sheen’s meltdown and focus on issues of relevance that directly impact our lives. The world is changing physically, spiritually and geographically. We need to start a dialog to deal with those changes; finding solutions rather than bickering hopelessly about problems. Each one of us has a voice in making the world a better, more peaceful place. I invite your gentle reader to engage in that dialogue with me.

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