Saturday, March 12

File under Duh!

Many years ago I mentioned to my mom in a very facetious tone that I had just read about a fascinating article in JAMA, the Journal of American Medicine: a study discovered that drinking cranberry juice is good for urinary infections. We just howled with laughter. This remedy has been used in folk medicine for centuries. I am reminded of this story every time I read about some fascinating new discovery that is actually already known.

Every one is so concerned how to treat ADD ( hyperactive as it used to be called). Doctors and drug companies are all too eager to hook your kid on expensive psychotropic drugs, when in fact there is a a cheaper, healthier way to deal with kinetic children called diet.

How are we going to feed billions of people on Earth? Will we need to cut down more rainforest and put in huge farms and pasture for grazing? Perhaps not. Sometimes smaller is better.

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