Monday, October 28

Inside The Writer's Head

Writing by Committee

 I have a muse, who’s very nice and I have an editor who is . . .um contentious. I have been struggling with rewrites for the past week and the editor keeps changing things on me then when I feel overwhelmed, the muse trys to comfort me.

“ Hey it’s my turn now, you promised. “ the editor berates the muse. 

“You’re not helping matters with all these changes and critizing Alisa’s work.” the muse quietly reminds the editor.

“I’m doing my job to make it better. I only want the work to shine.” 

“That word is misspelled, you need to fix it.” the grammar nazi (GN) arrives and points to a word with a bright red line under it. 

“I’m aware of that, I’ll get to it later.” I reply to the nagging. The GN remains patient for exactly eight seconds- a record.

“ You may be too tired or forget later, why don’t you correct it now.” GN is doing an excellent impression of  Sheldon the anal retentive character on “The Big Bang Theory”. The editor agrees. I stop to look up the word and correct it but lose my train of thought in the process.

“Nice going, you know she can’t work with you hovering like this.” my muse is a little peeved now.

“ Grammar is part of the second draft work.” GN insists.

“WILL YOU SHUT UP, I’M TRYING TO WRITE.” I bellow out loud. Silence reigns while I type a full paragragh until another word is high lighted in red.
“That word is-” at which point I sigh in exaspearation. It’s time to get a drink.

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