Friday, February 22

making a blog is like testing for rank

I have started this blog to chronicle my training in aikido but first I have to conquer technology. I know computers pretty well, after all as a writer and graphic artist I have been using them for years but they still give me fits.

You see one of the important things we learn in martial arts is being centered and calm. By and large I have learned to deal with the little annoyances in life like bad weather, Regis Philbin and taking at least three trys to get my shit together when leaving the house. Except for one thing: computers. When they are bad, I go ballistic and my years of discipline and meditaiton are the only things that have kept me from hurling the damn thing through a window, so I guess this aikido stuff does have practical applications after all.

"How patient can grasshopper stay when faced with the fiendness of computer programming?" Stay tuned.

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