Friday, May 2

A reak shodan test

No matter how hard I try, no matter how long I train to be calm, cool and collected, there is always something that can drive me crazy. The computer. Despite the years of using one, whenever there is some breakdown it never fails to send me into orbit. You know the feeling too, don’t deny it. Here I am gearing up for the big test and my personal demon comes along to remind me how easily I am upset.

I’m not fazed by the Shodan test, I have been doing dry runs all months so I know what to expect and how to deal with it. Real life is not predictable. With that in mind, a more realistic test is in order.

Keep one point while standing on a wobbly ladder while changing a light bulb, reaching for that coat buried in the back of the closet shelf or putting up christmas lights outside in the rain, in high winds.

Relax completely while riding in a car with an over caffeinated twenty year old playing Guns N Roses at ear splitting volume and complaining that the car in front, a mere bumpers length away, is driving too slow.

Keep weight underside while listening to your parent / spouse /soon to be ex best friend expound on your short comings. Why are you still dating that idiot? Why don’t you lose some weight? Why aren’t you married yet and giving me grandchildren?

Extend ki while the teenage pimple faced sales clerk with the IQ of a gerbil try's to ring up your credit card purchase on their first ( and last ) day working at JC Penney/ Macdonalds/ local CD store.

And last but not least for Rondori -change the diaper on one child while another one crys at the top of their lungs, answer the phone and sign for the UPS delivery at the front door. You have one minute.

This test is going to be a snap.

For more information and an explanation son the four principles I refer to check out:

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