Thursday, July 24

What I Want in a Man

A friend asked what’s next now that I got two life time goals this year: my black belt and going to Japan.

“Uh, a job or an adoring boyfriend who supports me while I write?” not terribly original but it got me to thinking. Just what do I want in a man?

So I sat down and made a list. Let’s start with the physical. I never date anyone who weighs less than I do so he gonna have to be a full size guy. Not too fat, not too skinny, a nice big teddy bear. He doesn’t fuss with his hair and his face has character. He has a smile that says “I get it”. He has to make a good living because I sure as hell can’t. His criticism is good because he went to college and knows how to debate fairly.

After looking at my list I realized the ideal man was a combination of my friends. He gives good neck rubs like best friend Martha, can cook like Carl and is witty like gay buddy David. He certainly does not resemble my father. I’m not going down that Freudian path.

He has to be neat, punctual and remembers to lift up the toilet seat and put it down again. Ok at least be neat, I’m used to lateness and unless his mama taught to sit down when peeing-forget it. Oh sure he’s not perfect- nobody is- but his annoying flaws are tolerable, almost endearing. He puts up with mine as well as I do his because we can’t people , we have to accept them the way they are, that is what real love is about.

I’m not being picky or presumptuous about what I want in a man, one should be specific. I don’t go to a restaurant or a clothing store and take whatever comes along, No I look at the menu, I choose what fits me. Shouldn’t I do the same with a companion? After all this is someone I wish to share my life with and I want it to be right for both of us. Being specific helps to attract that energy to me, instead of a vague notion with nothing to grab onto. He will come along when it’s time-which is none too soon for me.

Maybe I'll look into a job first.

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