Monday, July 21

the turtle returns

Well I made it to Japan and back. My impressions are, in no particular order, it was very muggy and hot, It has a lot of temples and shrines and the food was excellent. I’m still in the process of resetting my internal clock so I get sleepy at odd times. Jet lag is a bitch. There will be lots of pictures and entries in the next few days as I sort through my notes so stay tuned folks.

Overall I had a great time except for two glaring occasions which I’ll comment on later and my biggest regret is not getting a sword which was on of the primary reasons for my trip. I did fulfill a life long dream and saw the giant Buddha at Kamarura and met Tohei Sensei once more .

I’d like to thank the Oregon Ki Society for making this trip possible, especially Calvin Tabata and Louis Sloss Sensei. It was fun training at the big dojo with Otsuka and Senichi Tohei Sensei. Big thanks to the folks in Japan who managed to corral 60 people and their luggage from one city to another- Thanks to guides Michi and Akiko on bus no. 2- you were great. To all my fellow travelers, you were great company, it was a blast.

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