Monday, December 15

Uh technically it's still fall

All week the weatherman has been warning us “BIG SNOW STORM COMING!! LOOK OUT, TAKE COVER”.Well by Sunday the temperature dropped but otherwise- nothing, zip, nada. I even skipped going to a movie for fear of getting caught in snow .So much for that.

When I looked out the window Monday morning there was a few inches of snow on the ground. Finally! The news made it sound like the end of the world with cars skidding and crashing on icy roads, schools closed, the big storm has arrived. Please.

This isn’t a snow storm, this is a light dusting. I grew up in Pennsylvania. I lived the cliché as I walked to school every day in winter through a foot of snow -uphill -both ways.(“and we liked it like that “). A real snow storm is when you can’t find your car parked in the driveway because you can’t find the driveway. When it’s so cold your nose hairs freeze when you take a deep breathe. When the snow is deep enough to build a three story apartment on your front lawn. Until then weather wimps, save the hyperbole for a real storm.

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