Friday, December 19

Let's play ball

After reading many lengthy opinions (including my own) on the whole same sex marriage thing, I decided the issue is too visceral to be settled in the courts. They tend too be clinical and logical. I have a more lively solution in mind.

Let’s have a football game instead. On one side would be the biggest contributors in the latest round- The Mormons. Kind of ironic they fought the issue since they challenged traditional marriage with polygamy in the 19th century. Representing them would be the team from Brigham Young University.

On the other side would be those actually affected by the ban-some very pissed homosexuals. Every closeted ex ball player, tough butch leather daddy and a good number of lesbians, would create a team of the toughest, roughest bunch imaginable.

The result of such a contest would be staggering. Think of the TV ratings, think of the sheer drama and aggression the teams would display on the field. Think of the way cooler uniforms the gay guys would wear.(Not to mention the cheer leading squad- but that’s another story).

Yes, let’s return to a time when champions in single combat would settle disputes once and for all-where the stronger ideal prevailed. In this case them sissies at BYU haven’t got a chance.

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