Friday, April 17

Dogs and Cats

It’s been pointed out before and yes it’s a generalization but it’s true. Men are like dogs and women are like cats.

Dogs will go out in any weather. Cold. wet, muddy, whatever. They’re thinking “oh boy oh goody, let’s go.” When you open the door to let the cat out she will give you a sour look that says “I don’t think so.”

A dog will eat anything you put in front of them- quickly, loudly and immediately want seconds. The dog will not care what it is. A cat will nibble at the food with hesitant interest- if at all- and save some for later.

A dog is up front when he’s mad at you. “I’ll show him” he thinks and shits in the hallway while you’re gone. Ten minutes after you scold him when you’ve discovered the mess, he will come back wagging his tail and looking for a treat as if nothing happened.

Cats are cunning and will bide their time. A cat will make sure you witness them piss, puke or deposit some other foul, toxic waste on your bed-while you’re in it. She will then glare at you as if to say “You deserve it.”

Dogs and cats are fun too. A dog will always want to sit in your lap whether there is room for the both of you on the couch or chair. Cats have character and often surprise with their antics. And let’s face it, there is nothing better to cuddle with on a cold night than a dog or cat.

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