Friday, April 10

Fuck the Taliban

There's more to the discussion on what makes a real man.

After reading Ellen Goodman’s column about the Taliban’s war on women, I have a simple but radical solution to this state of affairs that will solve the problem for everyone.

Ban women from living in any Taliban held territory in Afghanistan. I’m absolutely serious. Make a deal with Karzai, he loves making deals. An international women’s rights group, The UN maybe even the US government could go to him and say “Since the Taliban don’t respect women, we’ll buy them.” That’s right a hundred bucks a head for all the women and girls. Let them live where they will be valued, honored and can thrive. It’s a win-win proposition: The Afghan government can make money, the women will be protected and the Taliban will go extinct.

It is all too apparent that these Neanderthals are seriously deformed misogynists. To them the only purpose for an Afghani woman is to breed more male Taliban. (Hell Khandahar is already a hot bed of homosexuality ) They satisfy their inferiority complexes by beating up defenseless females to vent anger at their own distorted egos. This has got to stop.

As Sima Samor stated in her story “Human rights are not a Western concept but universal and necessary for all human beings.” Since these men are not acting like human beings, women should not be allowed around them.

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