Sunday, June 21

Open for contemplation

The Tea House of the Spirit is officially open for moments of clarity and being one with yourself. I had a dedication complete with the blessing of a Buddhist Monk to celebrate the (near) completion of the project.

I had plenty of friends over to nosh and ooh and ahh at the little building. Everyone was impressed, most of all me for having it presentable in time. I spent yesterday building a temporary track for the shoji. The weather was cool and cloudy and just before the festivities were to start it rained, getting seat cushions a table cloth wet. It didn't DARE rain again until everyone left two hours later.

A friend asked me quite seriously what effect the project had on me. It didn't really change me but I learned the extent of my carpentry skills and was the only thing keeping me sane during a long period of depression. Now I have a place to go when I feel overwhelmed and need to meditate or just escape.

Like my life, it's not done but I can enjoy improving on it.

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