Tuesday, June 16

What The F---?

Today in the news 6/16/09

CNN.com reports that an airline wants employees to work UNPAID for a month, a football player will spend 30 DAYS in jail for DUI manslaughter , a senator admitted to having an AFFAIR with a staffer and record breaking slugger, tested positive for STEROIDS in 2003.

Well, in the popular slang of the texting generation WTF?!!

Let’s see, British Airways actually thinks it’s employees will work for nothing because they - a large corporation is having financial problems and will probably fail. Unlike the high paid executives, the average worker can’t afford to go unpaid for a month. These people aren’t working for FUN. They are trying to earn a living. The gall.

NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth got an extremely light sentence for vehicular manslaughter “Stallworth reached an "amicable" financial settlement with the Reyes family, his lawyer, Chris Lyons, told CNN sister network HLN. He would not disclose the amount, but said the short jail term "had nothing to do with Donte Stallworth being a celebrity, a professional football player or money." .” Sure, right and if it were you or I it would be a very different story.

I won’t even bother with the republicans’ dalliance except to say that sex scandals are not just for democrats.

Sammy Sosa is a big time hitter and like his fellow record breaker Mark McGwire tested for steroids. Wait a minute- that was SIX years ago and they are finally admitting to it now?

So if you want to get away with manslaughter, adultery, and illegal drug use become a politician or a pro ball player.

Forget about working at British Airlines for free, we have to draw the line somewhere.

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