Wednesday, September 23

Pray to Jesus and you can get away with Murder

It amazes me amid all the talk about "protecting children" how easily they die at the hands of their parents who get away with it.

Worthington, who treated his dying 15-month-old daughter with faith healing rather than taking her to a doctor, was convicted of second-degree criminal mistreatment. In the long history of child deaths associated with the Followers of Christ church in Oregon City, Worthington is the first church member to be convicted for shunning medicine in favor of faith healing. Ava Worthington died in March 2008 while church members gathered around her for prayer, "laying on of hands," anointing her in oil and administering small amounts of wine.

That's right, they prayed to Jesus instead of taking their child to the hospital for treatment like a real fucking parent would do. The kid dies, the parents get a slap on the wrist because gosh, we wouldn't want to supercede someone's faith.

I am reminded of a classic story. There was an old man whose faith in the Lord was strong. His house was threatened by flooding but he refused to leave. The National Guard came by his house in a jeep insisting he come but he waved them away.
"The lord will save me." he told them. The waters rose to the roof of his porch where he sat in his rocker. A rescue boat came by to ferry him to safety but again he refused "The lord will save me." he said. Finally the flood engulfed his house until he was perched on the very top of the roof and a helicopter flew in to rescue him. He was determined not to abandon his faith in God. "The lord will save me." he shouted and waved them off.

Well he drowned and went to heaven. One day he sees the lord and goes up to him and asks why he wasn't saved. The lord looked at him and scoffed "I sent you a jeep, a boat and a helicopter and you still didn't listen."

When your child is sick and dying trust that the doctor you take them to is an agent of the lord. All others deserve to spend a long time in prison for manslaughter.

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