Wednesday, September 30

So much for compassion

I found this fascinating. There have been other cases where a hospital has denied visitors to someone critically injured or dying. I wonder at the logic behind the policy. Are they really afraid a loved one will interfer with treatment or something else? Are they afraid maybe they will be sued if someone witnesses them fucking up treatment? I'd like to ask those involed with denying visitation this: If you are in a strange hospital after suffering illness or injury who would you want comforting you, a total stranger or someone you know?

Hospitals are meant to be a place of healing and many accomplish this thank you very much but when they screw up like this, very publicly- it should give them pause to consider the right of the patient over their desire to protect some abstract policy that can have unintended or nasty consequences. Jackson Memorial Hospital owes the deceased woman's family an apology.

And if you think this could never happen to you. . .

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