Friday, October 9

And the award goes to. . .

Since everyone is putting in their two cents worth of opinion about this I might as well too.

President Obama has received the Nobel Peace Prize-for what? I like the guy but he hasn’t done anything yet. He hasn’t even fulfilled any campaign promises. Well, that’s expecting a lot because politicians will say anything to get laid- I mean elected. That said I think you can see this as cynical politics or hopeful optimism. Andrew Sullivan said it best:

. . .this is premature and this is thoroughly deserved. Both are right. I don't think Americans fully absorbed the depths to which this country's reputation had sunk under the Cheney era. That's understandable. And so they also haven't fully absorbed the turn-around in the world's view of America that Obama and the American people have accomplished. Of course, this has yet to bear real fruit. But you can begin to see how it could; and I hope more see both the peaceful intentions and the steely resolve of this man to persevere. 

This president has done a huge amount to bring race relations in this country to a different place, which is why the far right has become so vicious in attacking him and lying about him. They know he threatens their politics of division and rule. He has also directly addressed the Muslim world, telling some hard truths, and played a small role in evoking a similar movement of hope and change in Iran, and finally told the Israelis to stop cutting their nose off to spite their face.”

I think it’s interesting that a Nobel Prize went to the man who was beaten by George Bush -Al Gore and a Nobel prize is given to the man who replaced him. Until now the world has treated America like we are radioactive. This is at least an improvement. It would be remarkable if Obama accomplishes a fraction of the things he has set out to do.

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