Tuesday, October 13

Equal rights for everyone

I have been writing about the gay rights battle and you may be asking yourself- why is a regular straight gal like me is so worked up about the subject?

Well for one thing I like gay people, I have very nice gay friends who don’t shove their beliefs on me any more than anyone else. I have always rooted for people who are misunderstood, marginalized and discriminated against- I can relate. Most importantly this is an issue where I know I’m on the winning side because every objection to equal rights for gays is utter bullshit. Lies and delusional paranoia are easy to defeat when you have facts on your side.

This is not a tangled, complex issue like abortion, gun control, or tax reform where there are plenty of intelligent defenders on both sides who present thought provoking arguments pro and con. Oh no, this one is bigotry pure and simple.

From the opponents point of view no God fearing, clean living heterosexual should even deign to acknowledge the existence of those people so any objection will do. Especially ones based on irrational fear. It worked in the past with blacks, commies and pot heads. Anyone outside of the “norm” is to be eradicated like a cancer that might spread and destroy our carefully constructed reality. Oh please.

The reality is that there has been no discernible effect on marriage whereever same sex marriages have been legalized. They aren’t forcing religions to marry them. They aren’t indoctrinating children to their lifestyle, although it wouldn’t hurt to give them a better fashion sense.

As much as I love to watch people look ridiculous as they froth at the mouth over nothing, one can only bear hysterical screeching for so long- from drag queens or sanctimonious hypocrites.

What this all boils down to is a group of tight asses on an uppity crusade trying to deny a tiny percentage of the population the same legal rights everyone else because they have nothing better to do with their time. Get back to me when you decide to tackle real issues like poverty and child molesting clergymen. Until then I’ll stick with the tolerant, fun loving gay folks.

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Anonymous said...

I disagree with your evaluation of the reasons Christianity & other religions object to homosexuals. It has more to do with choosing to be above the animalistic nature and aspire to be more, to trust in something greater. That people find it difficult and twist truth to gain their own ends, I will not deny. Christians are not evil people, they are good people who are just as misguided as the rest of us. And just as not all Muslims are Taliban or Al Queda using force to promote their beliefs, not all Christians think homosexuals should be marginalized or physically attacked.
Humans, like other animals, look for something to pick on. Pecking order - can't confront the bully that beats on you, so a weaker one gets the wrath & frustration. Now that it is not nice to pick on blacks or gays - apparently fat people are the next target. CMB