Friday, October 30

life is stranger than fiction

I'm sitting around one day thinking up story lines cause I'm a writer see. Anyhow I came up with a great plot line for a story. Our hero is working for a law firm that seems too good to be true but hey we're a paranoid lot. He's a great family man, got a wife and two adorable kids, nice house. You know the drill.

One day he's driving to work when he's almost killed by a car that narrowly misses him. Shaken he decides to take out life insurance to protect his lovely family if -God forbid-something should happen to him when he discovers the firm he works for already has a policy on him and- here's the kicker- They are the beneficiaries.

Was that near miss merely an accident? or something else? Is he worth more to the law firm dead or alive? Is this an original idea or what?

Oh wait- insurance companies are already doing this to their employees in real life. Never mind. Leave it up to greedy bastards to come up with a scam like this. On the other hand it would make a good Denzel Washington movie.

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