Sunday, November 1

And she's off!!

In more ways than one. I have taken the plunge into the cold waters of writing into a choppy lake of creativity. I am doing the "write a novel in a month' contest. 50,000 words in 30 days at 1600 some odd words a day.

I write first drafts in long hand. I like to feel the words forming under my hand -like drawing or sculpting. Then I type the second draft on the computer making changes along the way. Although I won't have time this month, which is just as well. There will be no time for second guessing, editing and the inner critic getting involved.

"You have no idea what you're doing stop right now and have drink, really you're not a writer and besid_" Shut the fuck up will you! I'm trying to work here. Sigh.

So this morning I sat down and got to it. To my surprise I managed eight pages before two pens died on me. This has happened before so I knew better than to get upset. Fine I'll get more pens for tomorrows session.

Stay tuned.

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