Monday, November 2

The secret to happiness

The only thing that makes me happy is writing. Unfortunately real life, my ego, lack of confidence and ideas often gets in the way and leads me to depression. This writing a novel in a month thing -come hell or high water I'm finishing it goddamn it- is just the kick start I need. So far I have 3677 words and still counting. it's all very rough draft mind you but getting it on paper is better than having it sit around in my mind cluttering up space.

It takes place in my home town of Erie so I have been googling old sites to jog my memory. It's creepy in an Orwellian way that I can virtually tour the town. The street views are particularly strange. Better than having to go back- thank you, so I can't complain too much. Wait a month I may feel sick of even the pictorial version.

Stay tuned.

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