Wednesday, January 27

What's on your iTunes?

The top ten most played songs on my itunes. In case anyone cares.

1 Breathe / Anna Nalick- The rhythmic piano chords and insistent tone voice really makes this song and the advice “Breathe, just breathe” is just right.

2 La Valse D’Amelie / Yann Tiersen- A lovely valse from the delightful French Film “Amelie”.

3 The Wind / Cat Stevens- A song under 2 minutes that I never tire of. “ I listen to my words but they fall far below, I let my music takes me where my heart wants to go” which speaks to me of my writing. Poignant and truthful.

4 This Song has No Title / Elton John - one of his lesser known compositions gets to me. Maybe it’s the existential query: “and each day I learn just a little bit more, I don’t know why but I do know what for, if we’re all going somewhere let’s get there soon. . .”

5 Martha My Dear / The Beatles- Great song , period.

6 Comtine D’Autre: L’Apres Midi / Yann Tiersen- Another piece from “Amelie” and a favorite with pianists if You Tube is any indication. I do a good “air piano” rendition of this.

7 Pretty Good Year / Tori Amos-She is abstract, sensitive , sometimes pretentious but always original. This has eclipsed her other song “Happy Phantom” on the list.

8 Aquarium / Camille Saint-Saens- This is from the “Carnival of the Animals”. It reminds me of a vivid dream where I was gazing at night sky full of shooting stars and excitedly ran into the house to tell my family about it. This music was playing in the background, I swear.

9 Real Men / Joe Jackson- It’s a bit pedantic but the message is relevant. “What’s a man mean?” What ever happened to him after his album “Stepping Out” ?

10 Micela’s Theme ( entr’acte to Act 3 of Carmen) / Bizet- This is my favorite piece of opera music. A short musical introduction that always makes me cry. Please play this at my memorial and I will be forever grateful.

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