Sunday, June 27

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate-part 1

A Vacation was in order. I got my ticket, packed my bag and was off to SF by train. I crashed at an old friends place with one of the best views ever. The company was good, the couch I slept on was comfortable and best of all the food was fantastic. Forget the sight seeing, I’m there for the food.

I met up with my brother and SB and MP for lunch- all the names have been changed to protect the innocent and avoid embarrassment. SB looked exactly the same and MP was as lovably eccentric as ever. Strange how we get older but time stands still with our memories. I damn near collapsed from fatigue as we went for a walk in the park nearby. I forgot that I barely slept on the train. An afternoon nap took care of that.

I had a couple of places I had to visit on the trip and one of them was the Academy of Science in Golden Gate Park, which I glimpsed on the walk after lunch. The Steinhart Aquarium and the De Young Museum across the concourse had been damaged years before in the big earthquake and were completely rebuilt. It was my favorite haunt when I lived there and missed it the last time I visited because of construction. I would not miss this time and planned to spend the whole day there checking out the new exhibits and seeing a planetarium show. Alas events conspired against me.

First I was hit in the head with a frying pan by the world famous artist mother of my hostess. “Oh I’m sorry I thought you were someone else.” she said innocently. Damn these paranoid artists. No that’s not what happened, actually I slipped and hit my head on a metal chair but being blind sided by an old lady sounds more dramatic. The head injury was minor and quickly attended to but the fall wrenched my already sore back.

By the time I made my pilgrimage to the park the back injury made walking painful and I was so stressed I had cut the visit short. No planetarium, no Japanese Garden. I already felt crappy with a persistent couch that wouldn’t go away and this really made me miserable. Once I rested a bit my back was fine the rest of the trip.

A party was planned to welcome the return of the prodigal daughter of the hostess who had been out of the country ( the daughter, not the hostess- I hate dangling participles don’t you?). We went on a shopping spree and got lots of goodies. My big bother- I mean brother- made seafood pasta and I was in charge of sausage marinara.

We also went to an ice cream shop with the oddest flavors I have ever tasted. Peanut butter curry, chili lime, bourbon and corn flakes and the oddest government cheese. They were out of the ham ice cream big brother was looking for. The flavors were a big hit at dessert.

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