Saturday, June 19

Out the Door

"Everything's so awful reg'lar a body can't stand it." Huck Finn

I know what he's talking about. You live your life working, running errands. taking care of the kids, doing what it is you do and eventually it wears you down until you need to get away from yourself and responsibilities. For me it is vital, vital I tell you, to keep my creativity active with inspiration which has been lacking. Prisoners and animal go nuts when kept in solitary confinement, their minds bouncing off the blank walls like random ping pong balls. That's me so I scraped enough green together, said the hell with it and I'm off to SF for some serious R&R.

San Francisco is a great city and I'm glad I lived there despite lingering emotional baggage. It's far enough away from home but close enough to access by train. I'd live there if I could afford it and didn't mind the specter of earthquakes .But I can' and I do. The next best thing is to visit it every once in a while to cleanse the gunk from my mind and breath fresh ocean air. The pollen in the Willamette Valley can lay low even the mightiest.

I'm out the door and out of my mind. I'll tell you all about it campers when I get back.

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