Monday, June 14

Mondays random ideas

Let's start the week with some ideas to mull over. I spend a lot of time thinking deep thoughts and you can too.

First, I am surprised there aren't more mystery marijuana plants growing around and I think we need more of them as a subtle form of protest.

Would be terrorists are now would be candidates for the Darwin Awards. You know, people who have removed themselves from the gene pool by their own stupidity. Should we be frightened of these morons or amused?

It's official, no one listens to the lessons of history. As soon as I heard about the Israelis horribly botched raid on a flotilla running a blockade, I was reminded of an strikingly similar event in Mideast history. So what are the chances that Israel will be impartial investigating it's own raid?

I have wondered about the problem of low voter turn out, corrupt campaigns and influence peddling in politics for years. Here's a idea whose time has finally come. Make everyone vote -You want to live in a democracy than do your duty.

Just a couple of ideas to get the little gray cells working- as Poirot calls the brain. Discuss.

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