Monday, June 28

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate-part2

The Roadway of Death and Other Driving Hazards

Most books claiming to be the best travel guide are high on concept and low on reality. Getting around San Francisco for example, you need to know how to deal with public transportation, what parts of town to avoid and where to score some good pot. If you are like most people who insist on driving here are some handy tips.

Drive defensively- I mean like Jason Bourne being chased by cops and KGB in Moscow defensive. This means stomping alternately on the gas and brakes- especially when on a steep hill and the traffic light changes. Three words here: master the clutch.

Think small- Anything bigger than a Honda civic is unmanageable. Don't believe it? Practice driving down a one way alley with cars parked on both sides and parallel park in a space roughly the size of a bathtub.

Think Indy 500 while on any major freeway. Don’t expect to be going the posted speed limit that is merely there as a “suggestion”. I was treated to the white knuckle experience of traveling 85 miles -in the slow lane - on the hiway of death while the crazy brother chatted merrily on his cell phone. I did mention I hate cell phones.

The Pedestrian is God .When you see a pedestrian step off the curb that is the signal to stop and you are not allowed to go until they are on the opposite sidewalk. Don’t worry the crosswalk sign counts down how long the poor, slow two legged creature has to get their ass across while the drivers are poised to stomp on the gas at the first opportunity. No pressure.

Remember it’s not just driving it’s an experience in terror and wear your seat belt.

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