Wednesday, July 7

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate-part 3

Randomness in Lieu of a Narrative

A few observations. The most frequent words I saw were organic and recycle. Californians are big on reducing their carbon footprint and eating healthier. In fact, I think we need to have a contest to see which State / community can maintain the best quality of life with the smallest impact on the environment.

Tourists at the museum were taken aback at the variety of trash cans for recyclables, trash and compost. Eugeneans in their politically correct to reach out to Hispanics have signs and announcements on public transportation in English and Spanish. On SF buses all signs /announcements are only in English with one except where the sign was in English, Chinese and Spanish. Of course in other parts of town you will find signs and speakers in Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Filipino. A real melting pot.

Once again I couldn’t help notice that wherever I went, the service was exemplary. Everyone was pleasant and attentive. Not like the dour, grumpy types in Eugene. I’m sorry Eugene has many good features and a quality of life that many would envy but service from clerks, waiters, and other service people is not one of them. This remarkable considering California is broker than Oregon.

Watching the local news was depressing. ”We’re cutting everything cause we’re broke and oh yeah, here’s the latest gruesome murder. Next the weather, depending on where you are it’s going to be foggy, cool or warm and sunny.” on the bright side, the newscasters looked like they just stepped out of a modeling agency. Even when destitute Californians look great.

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