Thursday, July 8

San Francisco Open Your Golden Gate-pt. 4

"Am I a Butterfly Dreaming I am Alisa or am I Alisa Dreaming that I am a Butterfly?"

The best part of the curtailed trip to the museum in the park was the Amazon Rain Forest exhibit. Inside of a very large three story dome exotic birds and butterflies flit about as visitors walk up a spiraling ramp. A sign warns people not to take photos with a flash as the Macaw is sensitive to the light and everyone behaves. The other birds are tiny and hard to spot among the foliage. Not the butterflies, they are bright and fly among the crowds making themselves quite visible.

Almost as much fun as watching them is watching people react to the beautiful creatures. A large planter held blooming flowers which attracted the butterflies so you could observe them from a very close distance. One girl even had one land on her hand ( despite a sign asking people not to touch them ). She was still and quiet unlike a nosier boy who jostled through the group, trying to get in on the action but the butterflies wanted nothing to do with him. The children reacted to the low flying with joy while the adults flinched and waved their arms as if they were being dive bombed by bats.

A sign and an elevator attendant asked people to make sure they didn’t have any hitchhiking bugs on them when leaving. I imagine that happens occasionally. The elevator arrives and two butterflies watch in anticipation of an escape. “Louie the doors are open, let’s make a run for it.” only to be caught by another keeper waiting downstairs. Damn.

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