Tuesday, June 1

We're Walking, we're walking

So I was telling a friend of mine at a food laden party that I needed too walk more but I'm not good at self motivation. She had the solution to that. She needed a walking buddy too so she insists she will call me 3 times a week and cajole me into exercising.

Now, it doesn't actually take much to prod me, so this is a good thing-I think- but of course I have to make sure this latest attempt to reduce my widening girth last more than a week. Each week I have to walk a little further. There's another variation of this, where you increase the time by a minute each day. I like to have a destination in mind because a mindless walk is just a waste of time if you ask me, or maybe it's my tendency to multi-task. I vary the route so I don't get bored. I can go to the store 3 blocks away to get a newspaper (not a coke). I can walk to the dojo (one kilometer round trip) instead of biking. Anywhere my short fat legs can carry me.

Getting out of shape is so much easier than getting back into shape. Sigh.

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